Octant Quantitative Investment Management LLC (“Octant”) is an innovative investment management firm that offers quantitative, systematic and research-based investment strategies to qualified clients including: foundations, family offices, high net worth individuals and other institutional investors.

We seek to assist our clients in achieving absolute, double-digit returns on an annual or multi-annual basis.

Our strategies have been developed and historically tested in an effort to generate attractive returns even during years of significant market losses. Octant’s strategies are actively managed and are based on investor behavioral and market pricing patterns that have historically generated strong, long-term returns, while reducing downside risk.

Octant’s experienced professionals have a singular focus on our clients and the pursuit of attractive investment strategies. We measure our performance not based on short-term investment gains or losses, but on the long-term
success of our clients and our investment strategies.

Active Investment Management

Octant creates strategies that are actively managed using a portfolio of algorithms that are created in an effort to exploit historical investor behavioral and market pricing patterns. These algorithms use current and recent market data to make daily adjustments to the portfolio based on the long-term, historical results of making similar adjustments in similar market circumstances.

Octant seeks to identify and profit from these historical investor behavioral and market pricing patterns by quantifying these patterns in a portfolio of proprietary algorithms.

Octant utilizes this portfolio of algorithms to dynamically, tactically and actively adjust its positions.

Identifying Investor
Behavioral and Pricing

Create Portfolio of

Active Management of

Octant's Philosophy & Approach


Deliberate Approach

Not "Gut Feel"

Octant believes a deliberate, historically tested and successful investment strategy is more likely to identify attractive investment opportunities than a “gut-feel”, historically untested approach to investing.


Markets are Inefficient

Particularly Short Term

Octant believes that markets are inefficient, particularly with respect to shorter time horizons. Octant believes there are identifiable behavioral and pricing patterns, or tendencies, in the market.


Risks Inherent to Investing

And Cannot Be Eliminated

Octant believes that risk is inherent in the process of investing. Octant seeks to intelligently address those risks inherent to its investment strategy, but understands that risk cannot be eliminated and strong returns should not be expected without also accepting the associated risk.

How Do Clients Typically Incorporate Octant's Strategies?

Equity Substitute Satellite

As part of a primary / core equity or satellite allocation because of the exposure of the underlying securities.

Absolute Return

As part of an absolute return allocation because of Octant’s historically strong absolute returns. (1)

Alternative / Special Situations

A part of an alternative / special situations allocation because of the tactical, dynamic nature of the strategy.

Portfolio Diversifier

As a portfolio diversifier because many of Octant’s strategies exhibit relatively low beta and correlation to public indices. (1)

Return Enhancer

As an overall return enhancer because of Octant’s historically strong absolute and relative returns. (1)

(1) Past performance is not a guarantee of future success. Before investing, prospective investors should read and carefully consider the risks outlined in Octant’s Form ADV, which is available upon request. Interested investors may request additional information on our Contact page.