Octant’s approach is driven by its philosophy to pursue a deliberate approach to investing. For Octant, this means testing and researching strategies in an effort to achieve specific investment goals and objectives.

Deliberate Pursuit and Using Analytical Insights to Improve the Investment Process: Whether developing return-focused strategies to help investors reach their long-term target returns, or risk-managed strategies to help investors sleep well at night, Octant utilizes a research-based, quantitative approach. Octant uses this approach in an effort to improve its investment process and develop creative, thoughtful and attractive solutions to clients’ investment problems.

Reject Average. Seek Exceptional.

Proprietary Investment Solutions

Most investors don’t really care about their specific asset allocation–they care about reaching their objectives and goals, the outcome that matters. As a result, Octant aims to develop products and strategies to assist investors in meeting their objectives–because we know that the outcome is really the reason our investors hire us. Whether your goal is maximizing your return, controlling your drawdown, diversifying your existing portfolio, funding future liabilities, growing your wealth, achieving financial security, funding inheritance and charitable donations, or pursuing other goals, Octant wants to help.

Investor Centric

Our most important objective is to help our clients reach their most important goals. As a result, we believe in creating “investor-friendly” products, whether that is the use of investor-friendly structures or favorable liquidity terms.

Continual Learning & Innovation

The financial landscape is constantly changing. Octant seeks to stay on top of current investment research and solutions, ready to collaborate with domain experts if needed to develop bespoke products and strategies for unique and uncommon situations.

Expert Team

Our team members are experts in strategy development, investment management, portfolio management, finance, accounting, and audit. By combining domain expertise from multiple fields, we believe we can help clients reach their specific goals and objectives.