Return Maximization Strategies

At Octant, our return maximization strategies are designed for investors aiming to aggressively enhance their portfolio returns across market cycles.

Utilizing active management, tactical positioning, and the strategic use of leverage, along with the possible use of both long and short positions, these strategies are designed in an effort to generate strong returns across market cycles (i.e. 8-10 years or more).

Reject Average. Seek Exceptional.

Because these strategies seek to maximize returns, they are ideally suited for investors with a high risk tolerance who are focused on significant, long-term capital appreciation and are willing to endure significant drawdowns. Alternatively, they can be scaled back as a smaller portion of a portfolio to potentially enhance returns at the margin. These strategies employ Octant’s quantitative, systematic approach in an effort to be dynamic and generate long-term attractive returns.

Incorporating these high-octane strategies within a broad, diversified investment portfolio may enhance overall returns and, in some situations, contribute to portfolio diversification.