Institutional Investors

As an institutional investor, you face a complex landscape with a bounty of investment options and portfolio management decisions. Octant’s quantitative, solutions-based approach, along with our investor-friendly terms and structure, can help you not only achieve your portfolio objectives but also maintain control of your assets and gain insight into your holdings.

Why Octant?

In addition to offering attractive strategies to achieve specific portfolio needs, Octant works with institutional investors to provide strategies structured with investor-friendly terms. Octant typically uses separately managed accounts (SMAs), which allow investors to maintain control of their accounts and reduce administrative and accounting fees associated with other structures like limited partnerships or LLCs. This simplified approach equips institutional investors with strategies, structures, and terms to achieve their objectives.

Discover how Octant can transform your institutional portfolio.

How To Use Our Strategies:

As an institutional investor, your portfolio is unique to you, but there are common ways that our strategies can be used.

Return Maximization Strategies:

Investors typically use our return maximization strategies within the context of a diversified portfolio to add incremental returns to their portfolio. Octant seeks to achieve increased returns through active management, tactical positioning, leverage, and both long and short positions. When combined, these approaches have the potential to generate attractive returns and, in some cases, improve overall portfolio diversification.

Low-correlation / Diversifying Strategies:

Investing isn’t just about generating high returns. Diversification is one of the primary tools of investment management, yet it can be challenging to find investments that effectively diversify a portfolio. Octant seeks to create strategies with positive return expectations that are also low-correlated to specific assets or indices. At times, diversifying assets or strategies may offer low expected returns. If you are looking for ways to diversify your portfolio, let us assist you.

Risk Mitigation / Drawdown Control:

Sometimes it just makes sense to mitigate risks and try to control drawdowns. If this is your primary concern, there are methods and strategies to address this objective.

Customized Solutions:

If you have a very specific investment goal or objective and need a custom-designed strategy, please let us know. We can work with institutional investors on a one-off basis to design customized solutions tailored to your specific objectives.