Bespoke / Customized Solutions

Are you an institutional or professional investor with specific goals or unique needs?

In certain situations, and on a one-off, negotiated basis, Octant offers bespoke, customized solutions. Whether you are seeking to achieve particular financial objectives, adhere to strict investment mandates, or address unique market opportunities, we would be happy to apply our experience, insights, and quantitative research-based approach to identify a bespoke solution designed to meet your precise requirements.

Invest with Insight. Invest Differently.

Our team leverages its expertise in quantitative methods, research, and strategy design to customize solutions specific to the investor. This may include targeting specific risk-return profiles, trading specific securities, markets, or themes, or tailoring existing strategies to meet your specific needs. Every aspect of our bespoke solutions is designed to achieve your objectives.

At Octant, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and commitment to delivering proprietary, high-quality investment solutions. The one constant to everything we do is our quantitative, research-based approach, which we can apply to various situations and objectives.